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Tracking Small Game

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I was out hunting for rabbit, partridge and squirrel on a mild winters day so I brought the camera along. I did not have an opportunity to harvest anything on this day,  however I did have a chance to talk a little about gun safety, knife sharpening and tracking small game

While this is no comprehensive guide to tracking, I hope you can pick up a few ideas for your next trip out. The atmosphere was great and the time in the bush was very relaxing. Join me for a beautiful walk in the woods.

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Tons of Snow makes for easy tracking!

Late 2016 has seen an insane amount of snow fall here in eastern Canada. In and around the trees the snow often is 2 feet deep. This was shot in late December, it’s now January as I write this and I can’t wait to see how much snow we get in 2017!

Finding and identifying tracks and game trails is very easy in the snow. Having taken my trapper certification course in the summer of 2016, it’s a great way for novice trackers like me to learn.

Deep Snow

I do sometimes wear snowshoes, but I find them cumbersome for hunting. Needing sometimes to crawl in tight spaces to retrieve game.

On this day it was very warm and I was only wearing long johns and pants, with two layers of wool socks in insulated work boots. Additionally just a t-shirt and heavy sweater. I was actually sweating!

Tips on Gun Safety.

Walking about on uneven terrain with a gun can be very dangerous! It’s important to keep your safety on and your finger well out of the trigger at all times! With multiple layers of crust and differing snow densities, progress was often unpredictable and jolting. You could easily have an accident if not diligent about gun safety.

Gun Safety

Please please please be careful out there friends! One mistake could be fatal. Some mistakes you will not be around to make twice.

Small Game Tracking.

As I progressed deeper into the woods, the game signs became more and more evident. Here’s a few descriptive pictures showing some tips on tracking small game in the snow.

Natural funneling. Tracking Small Game

Notice how game is blocked left and right and passes through center of frame. This would be a great place for a snare.

Game trail near tree. Tracking Small Game

Notice how the snow is packed down into a trail as they move to go around this tree. You can also see under the fresh snow the dirty marks from their feet.

Rabbit Tracks Tracking Small Game

Hopping down the bunny trail! Notice the direction of travel as they land on their front feet first then rear feet before taking next hop. Tracking rabbits is really easy!

Real nice trail! Tracking Small Game

Again, really obvious rabbit trail. You can see the depression and the discoloration very clearly. This tells you that you are hunting in the right area.

Obvious Rabbit Hutch Tracking Small Game

This entrance led into a clump of downed trees and roots. With lots of snow insulating it I bet they are very comfortable in there.

The key to tracking is observation. You need to get used to the typical lay of the land, then look for where it has been changed by the passing of animals. This is obviously way easier in the snow! I had it pretty easy. As I grow in experience, I look forward to tracking in all seasons.

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1000 Subscriber Giveaway / Hunting in New Brunswick

New Video @ Outdoor Adventurecraft on YouTube!

Hi everyone! I’m back with my 1000 subscriber giveaway! I was out hunting partridge and squirrel in the New Brunswick forest, so I took the opportunity to catch up with you guys and share my evening’s adventure. Come enjoy some time in the woods with me. I stumbled on a huge surprise while out on this particular evening! You will be impressed!

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Small Game Hunting in New Brunswick.

I love the fall time! I love the crisp cool air. In the Maritimes we have high humidity and that makes the summer heat unbearable. Fall time is much drier and just perfect!!!! Most of our hunting seasons here in New Brunswick are closely aligned with the onset of fall.

The standard deer license here also includes partridge and rabbit. They can also be purchased separately. Hunting squirrel however requires that you have a furbearer license. This means taking a trapping course. So keep that in mind, you can’t just go harvesting squirrel in N.B. without a trapping license.

Hunting in New Brunswick

At peace in the trees. Just out for a walk with my gun. Didn’t get anything but really enjoyed myself.

So far this season I have been able to harvest 2 partridge and 4 squirrel. I havn’t been out much, maybe 3 times. I look forward to being out much more. I tend to hunt right though into winter. I really enjoy hunting in the winter. It makes tracking animals really easy!

Don’t step on the Moose!

So I’m filming the bit letting you wonderful viewers and readers know about the 1000 YouTube subscriber giveaway… and all the while I don’t realize there is a huge Bull Moose 30 feet behind me! A huge temperamental horned animal the size of a horse is not the sorta thing you want to accidentally walk into!

Now I actually believe that just the fact that I was minding my own business talking calmly to the camera is what disarmed him. My complete lack of knowledge about his existence, may actually have been my salvation. I was basically acting like I belonged there and he excepted that. Had I just come walking around the corner unannounced, things may likely have been very different.

Bull Moose

Just as I came around the bend, I discovered I had been talking and filming about 30 feet from a Bull Moose! I’m very fortunate I didn’t startle him.

What did I learn? … Always film YouTube videos around Moose! They love it! Also just for protection maybe I will start carrying some slugs for that 12 gauge! I used to do that, but I got away from it.

1000 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway!

So as mentioned I’m very excited to have reached this 1000 subscriber milestone! This is all about you guys! I would not be here without each and every individual one of you. Thank you all so much!!!

To think that I started this channel only 7 months ago and you guys are showing this level of support is awesome! I’m floored and really don’t have enough words to show how appreciative I am! Please everyone, each one of you, accept my many thanks!

T-Shirt Giveaway

In celebration of my YouTube channel reaching the 1000 subscriber milestone I am giving away 2 Outdoor Adventurecraft t-shirts!

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Eating Crow?

Join me for a relaxing walk and a little talk about hunting the common crow. Crow is a readily available survival food. Crows and Ravens can be found just about everywhere! When properly handled and prepared, crow can even be a delicacy!

This was my first try at crow hunting. Unfortunately I didn’t get one on this short trip, but we’ll get some next time! It was at least a very nice walk and I’m glad I could bring you with me!

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Chiappa Little Badger Survival Rifle

Today we go out and play with the Chiappa Little Badger .22LR survival rifle. We take a look at the gun and see the survival kit I built into the grip.

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