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After much delay… I’m back with another in my Cabin Life series! This time out we take to the woods to explore some old run down abandoned cabins. You can really get the sense of what great old camps these must have been in their prime. It was a really nice day in mid November when I filmed this, and I’m glad to finally share it with everyone.

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Driven to Explore!

As the cooler fall air settles in, I start to think about the soon approaching winter weather. Mentally I’m already preparing winter camping trips. I love staying in adventurous locations. During hunting season I’m always pushing deeper and exploring farther in search of interesting locations to set up camp. Whether it’s just for a day trip or an overnight outing, it’s fun to explore and find new locations.

A Neglected Old Logging Cabin.

The first little beauty I found this fall was what appeared to me to be an abandoned old logging cabin. I have seen this style of cabin around before. The design seems to be that of a long narrow rectangle with a very low roof pitch. It looks like it could be easily loaded and unloaded onto a trailer or flatbed truck with a few jacks and posts. This makes it an ideal design for transporting from one location to another.

Small Abandoned Logging Cabin

I found this little gem one day while I was out hunting for partridge.

Inside I discovered that a lot of the wall boards had been torn off. Likely used as firewood one night when someone just didn’t want the party to be over. Someone had actually swept up since my last visit and had thrown a collection of cans and bottles out the window onto the ground outside. Not exactly cleaning up but it did look a bit better inside.

I noticed the building was wired for lights and outlets. This is likely so you can run a generator outside and have access to power.

Abandoned Logging Cabin Interior

Here’s a look at the inside of the small logging cabin. One of the beds even had a thin pad on it. That would really help if you were lost and came across this cabin.

A real boon in a survival situation would be finding an abandoned camp like this with a functioning wood stove. It could save your life! Although the piping wasn’t up to code, I’d say you would be very comfortable with the output of this little stove. That is, you would be, if you didn’t burn the place down! You could always roast a squirrel  over the coals of the old place after it burnt down. OK, that’s just not funny! No wait, yes it is!

On a more serious note, I wouldn’t turn my back on this stove if I had a fire going in it. Be very careful if you intend to have a fire in a strange stove. The pipes could be caked with creosote from burning green or dirty wood, and you’d have a flue fire on your hands right quick.

A Nice Wood Stove

The old abandoned logging camp had a small wood stove in it. I would be careful about how large a fire I built in it, as it did not have a double wall chimney.

Outside was a lot of garbage and disarray. Old lawn furniture lay about the yard, some of it broken with age and abuse. Beer cans and bottles littered the area. As I mentioned in the video above, it must have been someones proud little camp site at one time, but now likely is only a party spot.

That being said I will likely clean up some next time I’m back. Maybe if someone starts showing some respect for the old place, others will too. People aren’t all bad.

Side View of Small Abandoned Logging Cabin

You can see that the building is really well built. However the neglect and abuse have taken their tole.

A Sad but Beautiful Old Camp.

The next camp we explore is obviously much older. Most of the damage is from neglect rather than abuse. The fact that it’s open to the weather and wild animals has really been it’s undoing.

This place is actually only about 10 minutes from my house. Hidden away as it is however, its a miracle I ever stumbled into it. It was when I found this second abandoned cabin that I got the idea to share an abandoned cabins video.

Much Older Adandoned Cabin in Springfield

This old Cabin isn’t that far from where I live. This one is very old and would take a lot of work to restore.

Here’s my guess as to the reasons why this place is in the shape it is… I think the owners have either given up on it or perhaps sold the land and the new owners lacked the interest needed to repair the old place. Had I purchased a piece of land with a gem like this on it, I would have made it top priority to at least board up all the windows and make sure it had a door that could close up.

I had to do the same thing with my old camp. It was neglected for a time in the 90’s and suffered some abuse at the hands of some local hooligans. The first step to repair was new windows and doors to keep the wildlife and weather out.

View of Back of Cabin

This is the rear view of the cabin. You can see that most of the windows have been boarded up. This is good because it keeps the weather out. Birds are getting in the small back window though.

Overall Impressions.

These old places stir me with a mixture of emotions. Part of me feels frustrated that they have fallen into such a state. However part of me sees the beauty for what it was and I feel satisfied with that. Almost hard to know a good thing until you’ve lost it, if that makes any sense to anyone.

I want to throttle people that would abuse and destroy sites like this for their own entertainment. Just think… If a few individuals had a modicum of respect, these place would be in far better shape. This infuriates me to no end! At the same time I realize that some people just can’t be changed.

All in all, it’s good to find beauty where you can in this life. I hope having a look through this old cabins brought some beauty to your day.

Thanks for joining me here on Outdoor Adventurecraft!

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  1. 44 Munner Dr., Richibucto Road

  2. Great idea for some video work. I enjoyed watching it. Just a couple of things:
    during filming, several times you looked away from the camera but continued to talk….you were unintelligible; same thing when panning the camera….you were behind the camera and barely audible; finally, during the scene when you sat down to talk in the logger’s cabin you grabbed your crotch half a dozen times in full view of the camera….not good form. I did enjoy seeing the cabins and the area in which you live and hunt. I would suggest getting a Bluetooth capable wireless microphone. Best wishes and thanks.

    • Great comment! Made me laugh. Yes, as far as the film making goes, sometimes sound is the most difficult thing to master. As far as the crotch grabbing goes, I can’t help you there… That’s just how I roll! LMAO! I saw it in editing and laughed at myself too. What can be done?! Apparently I need to invest in less shifty undergarments. lol

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