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It’s cold and it’s dark, you need fire! What you wouldn’t give for a chainsaw and some matches?! Sure it’s nice to take your time… if and when you’ve got it. I love a painstakingly handcrafted artisan fire just as much as the next guy in line at Starbucks, but when you live in one of the coldest and snowiest places on Earth, sometimes you just want fire and you want it now!

It might not be modern Bushcraft aesthetic, it’s obviously not survival, we were only an hour away from the truck… so what is it? It’s Adventurecraft baby!!!!! Come join me, Joel, and Joel’s chainsaw for some heavy duty bush time deep in the dark cold Canadian wilderness. It was awesome!!!

Sometimes you wanna play bowdrill and sometimes you just wanna play chainsaw!

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A Late Night Arrival.

Big boys with full time jobs don’t really get to do much other than work during the weekdays. So when Friday comes around, just packing up, traveling and trekking out to a remote camp site can push you pretty far into the night. Never the less adventure demands action! Sally forth!

Chainsaw Camping - Late Night Arrival

We didn’t get out to our site till very very late.

Chainsaw Equals Fast Fire!

Like I said in the above video description, “It’s cold and it’s dark, you need fire! What you wouldn’t give for a chainsaw and some matches?!” Add to that the fact that it’s already the middle of the night! Could I have made a more hard fought primitive fire in this circumstance? For example, could I have chopped all the wood by hand and started the fire with flint and steel? Yes, yes I could have. However because I’m out this evening for the less noble cause of relaxing and drinking beer, I choose a faster route to the same goal.

Chainsaws equal faster fires. Fact.

Chainsaw Campout - Joel Replaces Chain on His Saw

It’s best to change your blade regularly. Joel gives us one important tip about installing your chain… don’t install backwards!

Chainsaw Campout - Cutting a Fallen Dead Spruce

There is always plenty of dead wood around for use for small trips like this. There is no need to harvest living wood.

“I Thought You Were Into Bushcraft?”

So let’s not beat around the bushcraft… I mean bush, chainsaws aren’t officially bushcraft sanctioned. I’ll give you that, chainsaws are not bushcraft. However, I feel that modern bushcraft seems to be more of an idealized aesthetic, a style, than an actual strict practice of thriving in a wilderness environment. It seems that style is king and almost commercially branded at this point. So many companies selling “Bushcraft”. If you don’t fit the mold someone will surely point out, “Well that’s not Bushcraft!”

However I do not prescribe to any particular aesthetic. I do what I want. If I want to play bushcraft with a knife and a few sticks I play bushcraft with a knife and a few sticks. If I want to saw up a couple of trees and have a roaring fire, it doesn’t mean I don’t practice bushcraft. I just practice it when and how I want.

Don’t misunderstand me however, I love bushcraft. I love the practice of wilderness self sufficiency, and the skill set that goes with it, but don’t tell me how to craft my bushes.

I feel like I am rambling, however I’ll allow it. I am, after all, the guy who won’t stop typing.

Chainsaw Campout - Preparing Kindling

To baton or not to baton.. who gives a crap?! Get ‘er lit!

“But In A Survival Situation!”

If this was a survival situation would you look at the chainsaw and then an axe and choose to use more time and energy on the axe? No of course not. This wasn’t a survival situation though was it? So it’s up to you or me to decide what we see fit. You can choose either option based on your current supplies, needs or even desires. It’s up to you. In the end it’s your time in the woods, spend it how you please.

Speaking of survival situations, how boned would I have been if I had have burned the scales off my knife?! Would not have been ideal that’s for sure.

Chainsaw Campout - Don't Burn Your Knife

When I was making kindling, I pounded my Camillus Bushcrafter down into the fire lay. I’m glad I noticed it before it was damaged. Don’t burn your tools!

Time To Bounce.

Everything good has to end sometime. We were up pretty late carrying on and making merry around the fire. I havn’t got a clue what time we even went to bed. Morning came, as it does, and we packed up and made ready to head out. It was a great night, a great adventure!

Chainsaw Campout - Packing Up

These little pleasure trips have got to end sometime. Plus it’s dang cold out there, and unless you plan of cutting more wood, you may as well bounce.

Chainsaw Campout - Don't Burn Your Boot

So… being distracted while telling a story with your feet near the fire is a bad idea. All it took was seconds and my $300 dollar Scarpa’s were on fire.

Chainsaw Campout - Left Over Firewood

We found some nice standing dead cedar during the night. This wood was well seasoned and dried. It served us well and there was even leftovers for next time. Thank you tree!

The moral of the story? It’s your time in the woods… do your own thing. Stay safe!

Thanks for joining me here on Outdoor Adventurecraft!

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See ya soon!

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