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Hi everyone! I’m excited to bring you this product review of the OneTigris Tactical Dog Vest and Training Harness. Köpek and I love this product! I hope you can benefit from having a look at it with us.

I also do a load-out of the first-aid kit I put together for one of the included pouches. It’s designed with dogs and heavy trauma in mind and picks up the slack where some smaller kits leave off. Read on below for full article.

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Out for a stroll with Köpek in his new harness from OneTigris

A few months back, I found a nice overgrown path about 20 minutes from town. It’s heavily forested, quiet, and secluded… I have been frequenting it ever since. It’s an ideal place to take a dog for a walk. He can roam free off the leash, since there are no distractions for him.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Looking very smart and prepared in his tactical harness from OneTigris.

It’s a great trail for me too. It was likely a fire wood cutting road sometime in the last 20 years. Unused now and away from the city and suburbs, it’s and ideal location to play survivalist once in a while.

Abandoned Wood Road

Roads and trails like this can be found just off the main roads almost anywhere, if you keep your eyes open.

A Prepared Dog is a Safer Dog

The primary reason I approached OneTigris about doing this review was my concern for  Köpek’s safety in the woods. First and foremost, dogs have needs just like us. Those being shelter, water, and food. I wanted a way for Köpek to be able to assist me in caring for those needs. Secondly, First-Aid was a concern because, well, simply put, things can and do happen!

The OneTigris Tactical Vest and Training Harness comes with 3 pouches which easily attach and detach from the vest. The vest is built heavy and sewn well. I especially liked the large range of fit adjustment available in the straps. I found the system for attachment of the pouches to the molle webbing is well designed and easy to use.

One pouch I use to store his food in. This container can also double as a water dish. In the other main pouch I built a trauma oriented First-Aid kit.

Food Pouch

This large single section (no dividers) pouch makes a great place to store a meal or two for your pup. The food container doubles as a water dish for convenience.

First-Aid Pouch

Here we see a well divided pouch with many sections, ideal for building a custom First-Aid kit in.

Small Pouch

This additional small pouch makes a great EDC pouch for your dog. You could pack options like a flashlight, fire starters or cordage.

Köpek’s First-Aid Kit

As mentioned, one of the main interests I had in a  harness or vest for Köpek, was to have him carry a First-Aid Kit. One of the included pouches made a great place to start. I used the included subdivided pouch to help me organize the kit.

First-Aid Kit Closed

Here we see the pouch I choose to use to built the First-Aid kit in. I acquired a patch indicating that this was a medical kit. In addition to being functional, it looks awesome!

First-Aid Kit Open

I designed this kit to be primarily focused on heavy trauma or blood loss.

The kit is build to treat heavy blood loss or trauma. It would make an excellent kit, in my opinion, to treat wounds on the limbs or punctures to the chest or abdomen. The kit isn’t complete and will likely undergo many iterations, but here’s the loadout as it stands now:

  1. One 4″x15′ compression bandage
  2. Two 3’x5′ elastic gauze bandages
  3. Five triple layer non stick compression dressings
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide
  5. Polysporin Complete
  6. Quick Clot clotting sponge
  7. Aquatabs water purification tabs
  8. Two Glow sticks
  9. Two small Carabiners
  10. Five 3M Steri-strips adhesive strip wound closures

New training leash from OneTigris

In addition, my buddy Han over @ OneTigris sent me one of their awesome training leashes. The length of the leash is adjustable. The system allows for up to about 10″ to be taken out or added to the leash in 1″ increments. The shock absorbing section of the leash allows for easy training of the dog, providing gentle pressure in the desired direction. Last but not least, my favorite feature of the leash is the control handle near the buckle up close to where it connects to the collar. This allows for close tight control of your dog when needed.

Training Leash

A shock absorbing, adjustable leash with a few great features.

Review summary

After owning this harness for a few months I am very pleased with it! Köpek is very comfortable in it and it looks great on him. It’s built strong, yet light and the fit is outstanding. At $79, the price is great too, especially considering you get three great pouches included with the vest. I recommend this product for sure! THANK YOU ONETIGRIS!

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