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I’m so excited right now! You can see it on my face as soon as the video starts! I snared my first rabbit! I got home and got right to editing so I could share with everyone. A pristine snowshoe hare! So white and clean in his deep winter coat. Just beautiful! Join me and see my first catch!

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Making the Find.

So I headed out to check the line again. As a trapper you have to be patient. That comes with the territory. You do your best… then wait it out.

I didn’t know if I would be successful or not. In the interest of getting that first catch recorded though, I took the camera. Man, was I glad I did! After finding a few empty snares, I came around the bend on my little snare line and there… just off to the left under some low cover, was a rabbit in one of my snares! I actually was mildly shocked for a few seconds. It took a moment to register that I had actually made that first catch. I was soo excited!

Finding the Rabbit

Here you see the rabbit just as I found it. Snared cleanly and quickly around the neck.

The Look on My Face!

At this point, after making the find, I set up the camera and began filming. I wanted to let my viewers know I had snared my first rabbit. This was what I had been waiting for! My face beaming from ear to ear I began to express my excitement.

It takes commitment to get into trapping. Here in New Brunswick you have to take a trappers safety and certification course to be legal to trap. I had to travel one hour each way everyday to a nearby town where a course was being held. We have laws on which traps are allowed for specific species, as well as for the seasons we are allowed to trap within. Needless to say getting the education and knowledge to begin an activity like trapping is a lot of work. I was feeling very fulfilled to finally make my first catch. The effort and the time had been worth it. The feeling was memorable to say the least. I’ll never forget it!

The Happiest Smile Ever

This picture was taken from just seconds after I discovered my first catch ever! I was practically bubbling with excitement.

I’m a lot of things before I’m a trapper. I’m a son, a husband, a father, a brother, and employee… you get the point. So to take on a new hobby and really give it your all takes some sacrifice. I’m a beginner with a lot to learn, but catching that first rabbit was a great feeling. You just have to try it.

Hoisting My Trophy

Held up high, my prize files me with a sense of fulfillment and relief that I actually finally had achieved success. I had invested much time in effort to get this far. Very proud moment.

My Prize, A Perfect Snowshoe Rabbit (varying hare).

Fully grown, with a perfect winter coat, my Snowshoe Hare or Snowshow Rabbit, was beautiful. I just call them rabbits typically.  Call them what you will… this one, as far as rabbits go, was a beauty!

For more information on the Snowshoe Hare see the link below.

Admiring My Catch

Just a perfect specimen. I was very proud here, and also very excited to have the camera with me. I was very happy to share my excitement with everyone.

Common Hare

With their winter fur pattern in full effect, these guys are really hard to hunt without a dog to flush them out. If they are sitting still you likely wont even see them.

The season came and went in a real hurry! I hope to get a lot more snares down next season and really make a go of it. For now, I’m just glad to have made this first catch. Looking forward to spring muskrat season now. Stay tuned!

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