My Stress Management Secret

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Have you ever felt just simply overwhelmed? So worn out and stressed you felt you just needed to escape?! Stress can be overwhelming, however, it’s perfectly natural to feel that way, we all feel that way sometimes. You are not alone. Join me for a relaxing escape to nature. Ease into a nice cup of tea with me and enjoy some bushcraft tips too. You won’t regret it.

I hope this little bit of time in the woods leaves you feeling refreshed and at peace.

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Sometimes You Just Need to Get Away from it All!

I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I decided to just take a little break and do something I enjoy just for a bit. Getting away from things even if just briefly can help you regain perspective.

Making Tea

Just taking a moment to have a bit of tea or coffee alone can really ground you. Very stress relieving.

Just the sounds of the birds, and crickets made me feel better. The smells of the outdoors, the light breaking down through the leaves and branches, all helped to sooth my tattered nerves.

Practice your Skills to find Peace

Just for fun and to relax I practiced my flint & steel technique too. In the video I share a little tip about extending an ember. I have used flint and steel in previous videos, but it was often not easy to see. In this instance I get up close and personal and I think the footage is really great!

Practicing Flint and Steel

Just taking some time to do some skill building can bring a deep sense of accomplishment. This is very rewarding.

Doing something you love in a stress free environment like the forest is the perfect recipe for coping with stress. Maybe your happy place is different from mine. That’s ok. Just find that place and do something that you know will bring you that sense of accomplishment. Maybe its’s reading a good book, or working on your art. Maybe its just going for a walk and listening to music. What ever works for you.

Just remember you can’t control everything. Learn to be ok with that, and with yourself. Remember… it’s ok to take a break, life will be there when you get back.

Thanks for joining me here on Outdoor Adventurecraft!

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See ya soon!

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